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Celebrities, Kerry, and why they don't click with the average americans...

I have noticed that one of the most coined phrases of the Kerry campaign and his "followers" (such people as Ben Affleck and Barbera Striesand) is that Kerry cares about and understands average americans. I find this to be utter garbage.

lets look at the facts shall we:
Ben Affleck will say make 20 million, on a movies whose budget is say 100 million, he therefor makes 20%,
that is one huge chunck for ONE person out of a cast that can be up in the thousands with extras involved (and we are talking about 1 main actor, not other co-stars that can make 3-10 million as well)
also including all the camera men, the costume people, managers, assistants, cleaning ladies of the stars trailers and all the other people on pay-roll.
now here lies the question,
for the good of all the average americans would Ben Affleck take a dramatic pay cut, (say he will only make 5% instead of 20%) in order to raise payroll for all the other people employed to make this movie a success...
HELL NO, why I believe he would believe that to be an utter Abomination!
Why should hard working Americans, people that dig ditches, work over time and give up a major hunk of their social life only make between 6-20 dollars an hour to SUPPORT THEIR FAMILIES. When people like Ben Affleck make 10-20 Million dollars per film, not to mention free clothes, trips and VIP access to all the booze and drugs they want, just to say they have it hard because paparazzi follow them and take pictures of them cheating on their husbands and wives!

I am sorry but these are not the people who should be looked at when they are voicing their political opinions!

now Kerry is another story, he married a Heinz!
yup folks the Ketchup Heiress is his wife! how average american can he be, with his wealth oozing out of a bottle like his wifes money maker!
He doesn't know anything about average americans, he can't even make up his mind!

so all in all why should anyone believe the upperclass uber-wealthy 1% of the population in regards to what the other 99% regards?
because between you and me they don't really give a damn about us.
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I am glad you posted what I said,
it is really quite true
(in my eyes at least)
amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! preach on brother!!!!!!!!!!
Wait.. So, Bush does connect to the working class now?
Hell no he doesn't.

Bush's policies are mostly looking out for big bussiness, the top 1% of the country.

That's why people say Kerry connects more with the working class.

Irregardless of how rich he, or his supporters are.

And.. Who cares about how much Ben Affleck makes? Seems like your just bitter.
never said I really cared how much Ben Affleck made,
but when he talkes about average americans (like he cares) it sounds like a big lie
Actually... He probably came from a middle-class family, along with most of his friends growing up.

Even if I were to one day become rich and famous, I would be concerned for the people I grew up with.

Not that I in anyway like Ben Affleck, because... Other then Dogma, I don't think I have really liked him in anything.
but does he do anything to help out the average americans?
no he helps campaign millions of dollars for Kerry,
but I have not heard of him doing anything else to help anyone else,
not even donate like 100 dollars for something
I could argue with you about how his helping Kerry could ultimately help average Americans... But that sounds boring.

So, I will just agree that celebrities suck. Especially ones that feign political beliefs around election time.

However, this has nothing to do with Kerry. Or the election really.
it does yet it doesnt,
since all I ever hear of how amazing kerry is, is out of celebrities mouths
Im not a celebrity..

Kerry is amazing!

Happy now? ;)

but I dont agree.
doesnt matter that us what a difference in opinions is.
You like Bowie, The Cure and The Smiths?

the smiths is my favorite band
One of my favorites.
"Boston Red Sox, WEEI, NESN, and Ben Affleck help Jimmy Fund raise $1.1 million"

"Barbara Streisand auctions jewellery for charity
Thursday 29th of April, 2004
Vintage costume jewellery owned by Barbra Streisand will form part of a collection of items to be auctioned for charity."

...What have you done for the average American? But I bet you still have an opinion.

Dude, no - Kerry dosen't support anyone - not even the bottom of the upper class - Kerry is a socialist - he wants a centraly planned government - convieniently we have the emperical evidence to check the realitive health of this point of view - just ask any regular "working class", (I put this in perenthisies because I think it is a silly and all too common asumption that just because some one has money - they do not work, I have found quite the oppisite to be true 99% of the time when people work and save they end up being the ones with money, but that is also just common sence) cuban who has to live off an adverage of 3.83 american dollars per day or the even poorer Haitians or how nice does russia look to you? He wants socialized medicine- now why is it that the vast majority of medical research and progress (of course intergral to our survival as a species) happens in the US? Because we don't have a medical system that discourages people from taking care of them selves, which dosen't make me pay for you're decision to smoke. Which ends up with extra money at the end of the day for more research and progress. unlike socialized medicine which has so far always become indebted - raising taxes - giving people less money to take care of themselves - perpetuating this degeneritive cycle -there is a reason socialist pollicies always lose money, their meant to, to undermine capitolism and our crude democracy. Kerry wants socialism because if he and about 2,300 other extreamly rich people (who work with him on an almost daily basis) can replace our democracy with a centraly planed structure through which they will be able by devine right of their stature in the socialist higherarchy (and there most certianly is one, just with a unimaginably less equitable distrabution of power) become nearly all powerfull in any sence you or I would understand. Its funny the democrats are running him, he is that evil, scheming rich guy "they" always talk about. They will have control - untill the socialist structure falls in on it self - as it, by its very design, always does - and we all starve to death. Bush on the other hand is a Republican: a kind of person most people don't understand - I myself didn't untill I worked for a farmer in Elsworth, Maine. Not at all a rich man mind you. Conservitism is the religion of ration, simply put, use what you've got, don't waste what you don't need to, and do what works. Bush belives in our economy, he is a republican ( a man of the numbers (statistics / conclusive research) He knows that the key to helping absolutly everyone is and always has been GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth which in turn raisis per capita GDP (living standards). GDP growth comes from technology (whos rate of creation is inversely proportinal with tax rates, taxes go up progress goes down - so bush cut taxes (whats good for us ("workers") is good for them ("corparations") think about it - we are thoes huge companys - we create them when we go to McDonalds insted of you're local mom and pop store - and mom and pop do much better with low taxes) and Investment, which people have more money for when it dosen't go twoards taxes. I wish you could see. man I just don't know how to put it. Bush does really care - he is doing what is good for us and for him - just like you would do with anyone else who you respected - kerry thinks - and if you pay attention - really treats us like we are stupid and can't decide for our selves what is good for us. I mean that 1% does pay all our sallarys and it was kindof nice for them to bother to give us jobs so we don't have to be homeless and hungry. No one is bitter or jealous about Ben Affleck he is a pussy limp wristed little queer.
First off, with the Kerry socialist higherarchy thing. You seemed like a total nut. You must get that alot, right?

And your theories on how horrible socialized medicine is.. Tell it to the poor kid dying of cancer. Im sure he will find it really fascinating that if he were to get free treatment our reasearch would go down, and you would get stuck with the bill. Yeah, he would understand.

As for Bush and the republicans.. If tax cuts for the wealthy and the trickle down affect really work.. Why did Regan (who loved this idea) more then triple our national debt while in office? And why is unemployment so high, and the economy so terrible now that Bush is in office? If republicans are really men of the numbers (statistics / conclusive research) as you put it.. Wouldn't they have realised they are wrong by now?

"No one is bitter or jealous about Ben Affleck he is a pussy limp wristed little queer."

Finally! Something we agree on. Bravo! thank you.
actualy two of my cousins died a year ago both within a month of a degeneritive nervous disorder, stem cells are the right idea in that area, but I know that using infant stem cells has many terrible implications - missused research funds, far higher rates of instability and cancer, more likely to be rejected, culturing fetusus makes our bodies intermediate goods, if you want to see somthing evil happen and be actuated by capitolism get goin' on fetal stem cells, its a really fucked up issue and it has almost nothing to do with science. Though it would have saved my cousins the social externalities are far to great. Like if a dude gets all fucked up in an auto wreck you dont save him by tearing organs off of other people, that just insane. Oh, I am a nut, I have axis one bipolar disorder, I halucenate, pass out, have seizures, and ( as you noticed, have a tendancy to extrapolate a little much - good eye)
Why should hard working Americans, people that dig ditches, work over time and give up a major hunk of their social life only make between 6-20 dollars an hour to SUPPORT THEIR FAMILIES. When people like Ben Affleck make 10-20 Million dollars per film...

Hey, if you're anti-left, why do you sound like a communist? That's our econic system! Capitalism, that's why there's a wealth gap.
oh super fun..communism yeah,

I was just saying why people like Ben Affleck shouldnt SAY they care about the average americans, because they aren't one and don't seem to really care either way, unless they get money or are at a political convention..THEN they care.

not that we should resort to communism

I mistook this for a place where people can practice their First Amendment rights. I now see it is nothing more than a cabal, a secret society where dissent is not upheld in the rulebook. I apologize.

Fox will now return to its regularly scheduled programming.
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