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What corporate media won't say,

because they say what you want them too.

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This is it

What does it mean to be an American these days?
it means you either have to choose being either left or right.
The left are the liberals, people that force their view points and agendas,
and for some reason it is the "cool" thing to do. The others are the right, the conservatives, the people who are being pushed into the background by corporate media.

well this community is nothing about left or I should say nothing "good" about the left. They have their anti-bush buttons, they have their "dumb and dumber" hats, and their anti-war rallies for a war they are to cowardly to fight for, instead they wear their prada bags and won't send their sons to protect their friends and help at least end the war and send everybody home.

this is a place for republicans, and the green party,
their own little slice of paradise.

and those motherfucking democrats can go to hell!