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Celebrities, Kerry, and why they don't click with the average americans...

I have noticed that one of the most coined phrases of the Kerry campaign and his "followers" (such people as Ben Affleck and Barbera Striesand) is that Kerry cares about and understands average americans. I find this to be utter garbage.

lets look at the facts shall we:
Ben Affleck will say make 20 million, on a movies whose budget is say 100 million, he therefor makes 20%,
that is one huge chunck for ONE person out of a cast that can be up in the thousands with extras involved (and we are talking about 1 main actor, not other co-stars that can make 3-10 million as well)
also including all the camera men, the costume people, managers, assistants, cleaning ladies of the stars trailers and all the other people on pay-roll.
now here lies the question,
for the good of all the average americans would Ben Affleck take a dramatic pay cut, (say he will only make 5% instead of 20%) in order to raise payroll for all the other people employed to make this movie a success...
HELL NO, why I believe he would believe that to be an utter Abomination!
Why should hard working Americans, people that dig ditches, work over time and give up a major hunk of their social life only make between 6-20 dollars an hour to SUPPORT THEIR FAMILIES. When people like Ben Affleck make 10-20 Million dollars per film, not to mention free clothes, trips and VIP access to all the booze and drugs they want, just to say they have it hard because paparazzi follow them and take pictures of them cheating on their husbands and wives!

I am sorry but these are not the people who should be looked at when they are voicing their political opinions!

now Kerry is another story, he married a Heinz!
yup folks the Ketchup Heiress is his wife! how average american can he be, with his wealth oozing out of a bottle like his wifes money maker!
He doesn't know anything about average americans, he can't even make up his mind!

so all in all why should anyone believe the upperclass uber-wealthy 1% of the population in regards to what the other 99% regards?
because between you and me they don't really give a damn about us.
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